Washer & Dryer Repair

Washing and Drying Machine Repair

Setting aside refrigerators, washing machines and dryers are the most commonly used appliance throughout Bartlett, TN. Because of this regular usage, faults developing over time are all too common. When a fault develops you are left washing by hand or using an out of the way and expensive Laundromat. 

Regular maintenance servicing from Oak Hill Appliance Repair can minimize breakdowns and when a breakdown does occur, we can get your appliance running like new again.


Our technicians have a wealth of experience, having served customers throughout Bartlett, TN for many years. Whatever the fault or service requirement of your washing machine, call us today to schedule an appointment.

What Went Wrong?

A range of things could go wrong with your washing and drying appliances. Often, symptoms continue for extended periods without attention gradually getting worse until your machine stops working correctly. This can not only impair the life-span of your machine but cost you more in the long run than regular servicing and fixing when a fault first develops. 

Attempting self-repairs on your washing machine or dryer can seem like a tempting option; however, we strongly advise against dismantling and attempting to repair the fault yourself.

This not only risks invalidating your warranty but also risks further, irreparable damage to your appliance.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Excessive noise

Unusual or excessive noise emitted by your washing machine or dryer is often one of the primary indicators that something is about to go wrong. A range of belts, fans, and motors work in synchronicity to keep your appliances running how they should. Unusual noise suggests one or more of these components are working incorrectly.


If your washing machine or indeed your dryer (although less common) is leaking, and water is exiting the machine, a faulty hose is the most common problem, quickly followed by the water seals which degrade over time. 

Spin Faults

If the washing machine turns on and fills with water but the drum fails to spin correctly, the fault is likely to be a direct drive motor coupling failure. 

Spin Faults

If your washing or drying appliance fails to power on or shuts down unexpectedly, a blown fuse is a common culprit. Although fuses fault over time and need replacing, sometimes this can be indicative of a different fault, such as loose or damaged wiring. It is essential for fire prevention reasons if your appliance continues to blow a fuse after replacement that you contact Oak Hill Appliance Repair to diagnose and rectify the problem.

Dryer Element Not Heating

Airflow issues are one of the first things to check when your dryer fails to hear up correctly. It may be worth cleaning your air duct and filters thoroughly to see if this provides any noticeable benefit to the drying process. If this does not fix the problem, our expert technicians will be able to diagnose the fault and repair or replace the failing part, whichever is most appropriate to provide a long term repair. 

Call Oak Hill Appliance Repair, Bartlett, TN.

There is no reason a washing machine should not last you ten years or more when correctly maintained. After this period, faults and subsequent necessary repairs are likely to become more frequent. For all servicing and replacement inquiries, Oak Hill Appliance Repair can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment.