Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair in Bartlett, TN.

Freezers have become a great convenience for many homeowners who choose to stockpile food that can be safely frozen to avoid lengthy queues at the supermarket or for those who find it difficult making time for a large shop. Often, you do not notice how much food has built up within your freezer. For this reason, Freezer malfunctions are a major concern, which all too often results in wasted money when food has to be thrown away because it has defrosted. 

We know that waiting home for repair technicians is never how you want to spend your day, so when you schedule an appointment with us, we make sure we keep it or advise you in good time if that will not be possible. As soon as you notice a fault with your freezer, be sure to call Oak Hill Appliance Repair, Bartlett, TN., to avoid inconvenience and throwing food away unnecessarily.


What caused the fault?

Freezers malfunction for many reasons; there may be a blockage in the defrost hose, condenser coils may have become choked with debris, malfunctioning evaporator fan or the thermostat and motor devices could be faulty. 

No matter the concern, it is vital that only trained technicians attempt to repair household appliances, for safety reasons as well as insurance purposes. For this reason, we recommend against ‘DIY' repairs. Instead, call us as soon as a fault first develops and avoid wasted food and potentially dangerous home repairs.


Unusual, Excessive Noise

If the freezer switches on but gives off unusual sounds, the relay or compressor could be the potential culprit. Freezers generally make a low whining noise whilst in operation, so it should be fairly easy to tell if your appliance is producing an unusual noise. 

Irregular Temperature and Running Faults

If connected to power but fails to turn on, it's most likely due to a disruption within the power supply. Check the mains connection and examine the wire for breakages or discolouration. Make sure you also check the fuse, which is generally an easy fix; swap the blown fuse for a new one. Be aware, however, that whilst fuses do break from time to time, a regularly blowing fuse could indicate a serious power hazard. 


Water collecting within your freezer or leaking through the door seals can be indicative of a faulty inlet valve, blocked filter or drain component or a cracked seal, which is allowing warm air to enter the freezer compartment from outside.

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Freezers should last a long time and can be counted on for years of service, provided they bear a quality brand name and are serviced correctly and regularly, as required. If your freezer is likely to develop further faults which could prevent future repairs from being cost-effective, our team will advise you of this to help you make the most suitable decision between repairing and replacing your appliance. 

Whatever fault your freezer has developed or is showing signs of, don't delay - call Oak Hill Appliance Repair today to schedule your appointment.