Brands We Repair

Brands We Work With

In Gardner, KS we are the go-to all-in-one Oak Hill Appliance Repair shop. We work with every major brand and keep up to date on their product lines to ensure our skills and training are effective.


Known for their decade long warranties, Maytag is a dependable company when it comes to your household appliances. They are the go-to when it comes to washers and dryers as they are of the highest quality and sourced with the best materials.


For the past 100 years, when you think of great home appliances you think of Kenmore. The performance and dependability of their product line are what truly sets them apart from the rest. It's common to see them in more than a few households and that's due to their reputation speaking for them.


The Middleby Corporation has outdone themselves with the Viking company. They combined the success from their commercial lines with industrial kitchens and translated that technology to your home. From dishwashers and refrigerators to washers and dryers, they outdo themselves year after year.


Ranges, stoves, including gas and electric, and induction, dryers, washers, air conditioners, and water filtration systems are some of the products that Frigidaire produces. Their design is unmatched, and the quality follows it well by being able to perform at a high level for years.

Despite their constant praise and approval, appliances are destined to shut down at some point so it's necessary to have a competent team to both diagnose problems and make a thorough repair that will save you money in the long run.


Ge is an absolute giant when it comes to anything they produce. They're a part of so many different sectors and have made a name for themselves in all of them. This includes their illustrious appliance brand which is a common occurrence in many homes throughout multiple countries.

They manufacture a wide array of products like freezers, ice makers, water filters, ovens and the like. But they've also changed the landscape in many ways with their pioneering technology that has forced competitors to bring more than the bare minimum. It's what has kept them in business for more than a century.


Speaking of innovation, you can't mention those words and not include Samsung. It's not just phones that have won over the hearts of millions. Their appliance range includes quality refrigerators, cooking appliances, air conditioners and more. They don't plan on stopping anytime soon and will continue to be a dominant force in the market.


When you think of groundbreaking technology, not many brands across the pond come to mind but Bosch is one of them that you should always remember. They've been continually pushing the envelope of excellence with over 900 patents submitted on average annually. Their dedication to high quality as well as a design that's pleasing to the eye is what makes them great.


If you want speed and excellence then you need LG. Their slogan is accurate from what they've been able to accomplish over these last years. Whether it's getting things done faster or doing more at once, they have you covered from the kitchen to the laundry room.